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Indeed i havent update in awhile lol. So i will do so.

On Saturday we had this scavenger hunt for the church shit but it was fun as hell lmao. There were like 6 teams and my name i got tara danny and nikki. And we got an extra person to be the driver and steve was the camcorder person. So we had to do all this shit there were like 20 things. And one of them was go to walmart and sing ol donald had a farm...lmfao..and it said SING LOUDLY..and cuz we only got 2 hours to do all those 20 things so we just stand on the entrance and sang it..and all these ppl were looking they were like clappin and shit and steve was totally crackin up. i was too lmfao. Then we had to run to miller's outpost to try on girls clothes..thats 25 points so its pretty good, and i made dan to do it. And he had all these girls clothes in his hand and have to find the dressing room and he tryna go to the girls ones cuz its right there lmfao..and this guy was like eh u kno the man ones is the other side i was like LOL..ahh it was great shit. Then we had to go to starbucks and ask for their apron..and i asked this guy and he was like ok..and we waited for a minute..then he was like ok well u guys cant videotape here. So we had to go OUTSIDE and do it and all these ppl stared of course lmao. Then this is the great part we had to stop by Borders and grab a Yoga Magazine and do a move right..and it turned out that the magazine stand is right next to the little coffee shop thing..and all of us have to do a move..and i swear these ppl were like what the hell are they doing?? lmao. It was blastness. Then we headed back to church around 7pm and we watched each other videos it was halirious. And we wonn we got like free movie tickets which is pretty good.

So yesterday i basically worked from 10 til 2. Then i just went chilled with tara. I guess im still suppose to patience?? WHAT PATIENCE? i hate patience. But today i dropped tara off and when i go home i realize theres a note in the car and i guess it accidently slip outta her pocket or sumthing i dunno..i dunno if i should read it..its from jill..and i didnt kno shes friends with tara. but whatever i gotta go.
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