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Peaceful Saturday

Oh today is beautiful. Sunny and warm. And my mom took austin to the park, greatness. lol..i wanna stay home today im feelin really tired..and my peaceful quiet with my music on its great. I havent update in so long indeed..but o well.

Things between me and tara are not going quite well? Why? i dunno..i guess im being "distint" to her..but well shes the one who told me not talk to thou shall not right?? Weird thing is i found out from her friend that she is going through depression? i dunno if thats true or not cuz tara surely dun seem like that i havent seen her in long whatever is clever. So i just been hanging out with shayla and stuff..that doesnt mean anything..i guess we are "dating" or however u call it.

I found out theres this indian guy in my brit lit class that he wears dickies pants..which is cool and stuff but the thing is he would wear a shirt and tuck it under his pants and he has a belt too lmfao. i just found that funny.

And austin and his little class are gonna sing for talent show? lmao im like they only 5..wha talent show?

AND BFD is and jack and jeff and tommy are going for sure..its $53.99 but i guess its worth it cuz so many bands are gonna be there and i shall save money for the ozzfest and thats like 75 bucks..thats fuckin expensive :| oh and last saturday we all went to this karaoke place and they dun have the otown song that me and jack wanted to sing :( lmao..

Im gonna go now. Mel when are you gonna steal that computer i miss talking to u..sumwhat...lmao.
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Sumwhat? Hmmmmmmphly. I miss you tons and tons and I expect the same back ok? Lmao oh I want to hug you!!!!!!!!!!!!! And play with you. Games, that is, you pervert. Beehhheeehhhehehehe
I am no pervert lol.