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Today is so hotttt its 82 degrees :| and i ate like 5 popsticles those are good stuff. Im too lazy too type now..but then i always am.

So yes sunday we went to this amusement shayla kaylee jeffrey timmy aimee went and it wasnt that many ppl too so it was good we didnt have to wait in line for long..then me and jeff were trying so hard to win this spongebob but then we didnt and we both wanted it bad..we wasted 10 dollars on it too..them fuckers. Then we make kayla went on this Stealth ride becuz shes scared of it lol..cuz wha it does is u have to lay down and then they flip u so your actually flying like a superman its tight she was gonna cry when she was in the line lmao..and we went on Rapids and fortunely jeff got all the water so his whole shorts and shirt were wet as hell..when we walk around he has water drippin everywhere...LOL..too bad jack wasnt there cuz we said we would do this Superstar video shit and i checked they have all the songs i wanted to sing lol..oh there were so many hot chics there..and they all wearing shorts and a tube was like we left around 9 after the fireworks..head to kaylee's the girls were cookin for us while we guys playin monopoly and battleship lmao..fuck timmy for winning all my that game finally lasted for like 3 hours..then we were too tired to go home so we all just slept over at her house.

Monday we went to this Art and Wind Festival thing with austin and they have this pony thing..u pay 5 dollars..and when austin riding on it he keeps kickin the pony im like NO..and theres one pony was tied to the side all by itself oh i just wanna smack it was so lonely :| but we had fun and nikki was volunteering at the cotton candy stand and i said hook me up and she said no im like u ho lol. It was so hot that day so we went to cold stone for sum ice cream.

Enough typing for me now.
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