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Nothings new..

Oh mel i missssss u so much :| and i never even getta talk to u no more thats not fair!!! pff i hate u lol..but u kno i luff u keep

So yea work has been fun..met alotta ppl..espeically the girls..oh they are so knew i should of worked at AF long time ago..but yea i only work like 4 hours a day..not that many..the gay manager is still being always..and i think he was hitting on josh cuz he would always go over and tryna talk to josh and josh is really afraid/fightened/horrified.
LOL..i kno im not hot enough for him :|..lmao..but yea

Things between me and shayla been going well..see mel now gotta bf and we should go on double date and i can tell mels bf that mel actually really really wanna fuck u lmfao..she just too shy to admit it u kno..LOL..oh mel..i luff u..but then shayla whines about why dont i just go work at pac sun..cuz she asked me to work there since they have lots of space..but u kno as ppl say its not good to see your gf 24/7..cuz thats kinda attach..and i would never wanna be so attach to my gf..cuz theres always other chics to check out and u wont wanna do that when your gf is around..but o well..

Austin is gone for the week..hes at my grandpa's cuz he wanted he loves my grandpa more than me..cuz i dun have time to hang with him lately..see when hes like 10 hes not cute anymore he be like swearing and i hope not..

Im tired blah.
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