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Being a good kid..updating

So today i woke up around 11am..went to work from 12-4. Work was okay, just faced those bitchy hos as always..they think they are ALL that and they should kno sumthing called a bra when u have saggy boobies..*puke*..well at least today wasnt like hell cuz my gay manager wasnt during break i was with aimee at starbucks..mocha frap. is the bestest..and sumhow i think i saw shayla but there were lotta ppl and we were runnin we just grab our drinks and went back..fuck that bitch shes the one whos mad and dont trust fuck her LOL..

And today outta nowhere austin was like where is mommy?? like uhhhhh..mommy is at utah :| and he was like why isnt she here..i dunno..i want her to be here..i havent even speak to her for the longest i dunno what the hell she is doing..she knows my number and she never calls..what a bitch..and shes probably not even at utah right now..ah fuck that..i dont want austin to feel like an abandoned child when he grows up but eventually he will..seriously at first i didnt want no child..i mean who would if your like 15..but even tho austin is a mistake i luff him to death..and his mom isnt there for him..i will..and always be. And now my dad wants me to move out and thats just fucking messed up..i kno im 19 and should be able to support myself..but can i?? NO..if i could i would move out longggg time ago..apartment rent..bills and all that shit..and dad gotta be joking..but if he is its not funny at all :| and saturday im off to road trip to utah with aimee john jack and i hope my grandma can babysitt austin til is a bitch.

August 15th would be me and shayla 3 months..i think i should break up with her..but i just cant do it..i kno shes a bitch..but it just that i kno i like her alot and i try my best for her not to get mad at me..yet theres tara..i want to see her everyday..using dalton as an excuse..i kno deep down inside shes the one whos in my heart..and whenever she needs me i will be there for her no matter what. But that time when she broke up with me cuz she got a new bf..then after awhile they broke up and she told me that she didnt like him at all..i was like what in the fuck r u telling me..this is confusing me..if u didnt like him then why was he your bf..then why u dumped me??? i guess i can never give the sense of security that most of the girls want..cuz no matter wha i do im always wrong..they can never have trust in me..wha do u want me to do..never talk to the opposite gender?? i might as well turn gay.

Mel if im coming to slapping u..lmao your never and meagan are disappointed in u..u bitch!
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