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Christofur is updating, your so proud. So last time i updated problly 4 weeks ago. so like 2 weeks ago me aimee john kaylee and josh..jack couldnt make it :| all went to Utah! <--U-duh..lmao im so lame. Then we went to Hertz and rent an Expedition..that shit is big..i can like lay in there..we went to utah south dakota wyoming montana and idaho..seriously we shoulda go sumwhere..cuz those states lmfao..are like dead states :| BUT the good thing is we went to this mormon church thing cuz josh is a mormon..and this hottttt mormon girl tour guide person asked if we need her for sum and john are like YES. When that girl asked if we have any questions, john was like yes can i have your number? Thats so lame :| There are so many hott mormon girls u wont even believe it. I wish i lived in not really that place is kinda shitty. Then wyoming dun have a mcdonalds until u drive like 39089048349589340589834905 million do ppl live in those places..its like so..boring. So like 5 of us are packed in ONE hotel room..haha. Road trips are fun except the long ride..i was sleeping most of the time. But thats like 2 weeks ago.

Tara's bday is coming. And she is turning 19? I think. And kaylee gave me an idea of getting her 19 things. Yes like 19 things for her 19th bday. LOL. I know what am i gonna get her, but i need like 5-6 more things. So opinions are welcome.

Classes started on Tuesday. It was like hell for me. I have a class at 7:30AM <--- AM...and in my physics class..guess whoooo i saw..yes that bitch from my psychology class who wont borrow me papers. It seems like everywhere i go i always see her. Gross. And im taking English British Literature..hahahahhaha im so smart :|. And ooOOoo my boy austin is going to be 1st grade..speaking of him, i havent hang out with him for awhile. That time when i came back from my trip, he was like running up to me giving me a hug. I was like awww im gonna buy u sum ice cream lmao. I luff austin and im gonna live with him forever.

I am having my interview at Pac Sun on tuesday, wish me luck. Cuz i dun wanna work at AF anymore, that place is kinda shitty and yeah. If not, i might as well work at Zumiez or Mr.Rags, OR Journeys even.

Oh and shayla? WHO is shayla? No one knows :)
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