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Its about time that i updating this thing, so here i am. I took a nap and took a shower. And Austin is watching bob the builder. That show is just great. Why cant they have bob the builder when i was little?? So yes school has been starting and im taking photo and film. And film is interesting but i just cant those 2 hours lecture. Im dropping that class. When im done with this semester im transfering to UCD and i hope i can, if not then, fuck that.

In 3 months austin would be 6. Can you believe grow so fast and when im 30 hes gonna be like 16 and i bet he would be embrassed cuz im so young and im his dad.

Work has been alright becuz the stinky guy is gone, like GONE he doesnt work here anymore. And mostly i work with this girl or shayla. Shayla :| . SO anyways i might quit PacSun too becuz im sick and tired of working in the mall. i been working in the mall my whole entire life. So im gonna work at like a grocery store and have old ladies bitching at me. By the way i cant find the bronco that i wanted, or not the one that i wanted. Im tired bye people!
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