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intense kisser

You Are An Intense Kisser!

Deep tounging, nibbling, and locking lips for hours are on your agenda.

You've been known to wear lovers out with your kiss,

before getting to anything else on the menu.

And given that you kiss so well... imagine how you do everything else.

How Do *You* Kiss?

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Today was alright, it was a rainy day, nice and wet. I had one class today then went straight to work. Nothing really special happened. It was a boring day. Me and Ash went to IHOP and there were so many ppl back in high school. And ALL these ppl looked so different, especially the girls they got ugly. But im not suprised. And this guy who used to be a geek turned into a ghetto, he has like 5 chains of bling bling and all those shit. It was just halirious. But yea im gonna go now.
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