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Today was a fun day

Nothing special today. Photo class today and composition. NOTHING was special as i said. Went to work, and shayla was working. But in photo, there this really pretty girl, no shes just hott shes not pretty. She looks like a ho and i saw my friend across the room and hes too far away so i tried to throw papers at him, but it ends up at that girls desk. Then she gave me this dirty look like im 12. All those girls who gave me a dirty look and die and eat shit. Like i care? Attitude problems. Those girls should be sold at a strip club or sumthing. But enough of that.

So today at work, this chick needed like a size 5 DC shoes, size 5? Isnt that like a little girls feet? GO BACK TO THE KIDS SECTION. So i had to climb up the laddar in the back, AND i guess it was kinda dark becuz one of those lightbulb didnt work, and shayla came in and had to get sumthing and didnt see me ON the laddar, she almost tripped over and i almost fell on my ass. That was the good news from work. Then i got off work.

After work, me and ashley went to this pageant thing back in my old school. And those guys, they were weak and look like they are still going through pruberty. Back in the days when we had it, at least i got bid on for 80 dollars, lmao. But it was fun just watching it. After that, we went to Starbucks and hang out for awhile. That was that for today. After my coffee i dont think im tired anymore. But goodnite anyway.
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