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Today i woke up at 11am. Then my mom told me that i have to babysitt austin cuz he is sick and mom and dad wont be home today or tomorrow. I was gonna go out tonite with ashley and josh and them. But since ashley is mad at me now and austin is sick, then i will just stay home.

So late nite, me and ashley went to the mall. And we were walking and i saw tara. Then i let go ashley's hand, and tara walked up to me and said hi. So now ashley thinks i tell ppl that i dont have a girlfriend and shit like that. And she knows tara was my ex, i dunno how she knows but she knows sumhow. She is pissed cuz she thinks that i think her as a friend with benefit, but not a girlfriend, which is stupid and lame cuz if i only wanted her for sex, then we wont even be going out for 3 months? I called her 10 times and she never picks up the damn phone.

Tara called today and asked what am i doing on V day. I just said i dunno and she asked if i wanna go hang out with her and stuff. And i already booked this resturant at San Fran on that day. I hope ashley wont be mad at me by then, but if she is, then fuck it and i will just ask tara to go with me.

But im hungry and tired now, so im gonna go.
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