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Yes i kno i havent update in a really long time, and now im in the mood of doing i miss talking to mel shes like never here anymore..that bitch!..

Well things been going okay/good/well..sumwhere this month would be me and shayla 2 months..i think thats pretty long..for me it is..but yea i quited working at gap like a month ago..just becuz me and jack and josh dont want to work there anymore..its gettin boring and theres like no girls in the and they needed ppl at AF..and AF is right next to pac i can just sneak out and go visit shayla all the time lol..

Blah im so hungry right now.

Oh and i found out guys can get fake calves even though it would hurt like a bitch after the surgery. Im really hungry right now i will update later k.
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Oh Chrisserz! I missez you much! I am not a bitch K. Respect your sister ya hear? Take care!!