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Today was okay. I went to photo, got back, ate, and went to work. Work was extra slow today and it was killing me. I was standing there forever and there just no damn customers. So i got so bored that i went and visited Tess, oh MEL trust me shes not stupid lmao. Okay shes smarter shut up. So yea she was like you work at PacSun, you shouldnt come in here and your a spy. Im like thats REALLY funny. I asked her to hang out with me tonite but she said she cant becuz she has class. She was problly lying to me, but i dont care. I got so sleepy at work i almost fell asleep. Then Shayla slapped my head with a clipboard, and it hurts. She slapped me hard k. So i can complain.

I got off work about 6, then Kaylee asked if i wanna go hang out with Josh and Tara. So we went and eat at applebees, and this girl who sits on the other table keeps on looking at Josh, and shes not bad either. Then we found out she was really looking at Kaylee lmao. Then we went to Starbucks cuz Josh and Kaylee need to do their hw, then Kaylee keeps on telling me to take Tara home, im like no, im gonna stay here and have my drink okay? So Kaylee grabbed those racing cars magazine, and she looked through it and there were naked girls everywhere. Whoever created that car/pornos magazine is greatness lmao. Then Ashley keeps on calling me, but i didnt answer.

I havent hang out with Tara for a long time. And everytime im with her it makes me happy. But the point we dont wanna get back together is cuz we would be always fighting if we did. But even tho i want to get back with her, i know she wont cuz she knows im not ready to settle down and shes right. But if anything happen, i will always be there for her. Im tired now, goodnite.
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